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2-Wire RF Dimmer

2-wire dimmer switch

The 2-WIRE RF DIMMER, specially developed for the maritime market, enables you to create soft lighting on your boat in the turn of a hand.
The dimmer can be branched in the same way as a switch. It is not needed to replace the existing installation. The dimmer is suited for incandescent lamps as well as Halogen lamps with an electric potential of 12 or 24 V. The built-in soft-start provides a longer lamp life.


Mobiledimmer RemoteOnce the dimmer is turned off the dimmer only consumps 1 mA, which is significantly lower than the self-discharge of the onboard battery. The dimmer can be controlled by the switch as well as by the remote control. Shortly pressing the switch results in turning on and off, by pressing the switch for a longer period light intensity can be adjusted. Once the dimmer is turned off the last established light intensity is retained.