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2 Wire Dimmer Turnknob



Introduction :
Suitable for light bulbs and halogen lighting; 12 or 24 V direct current. A ‘Softstart’ ensures a long lifetime for the lights. The light is off when the dimmer is set to ‘fully dimmed’ and the current taken by the dimmer is then only about 1 mA. (This is significantly less than the self-discharge of the battery.)

Dimmer switchInstalling :
The dimmer is intended for building in. The dimmer can be connected in the same way as a switch and can therefore replace the switch in an existing installation. A build-in box can be used if required (make: Berker, type B.MOBIL). The dimmer can be fitted in both the plus and the minus wire. Pay attention to the colours of the wires! If the dimmer is connected wrongly the light will be on continuously.