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Modular Control (9)

Wiper control

Full automatic wiper control system to control up to 9  wipers with synchronous movement at all speeds and intervals.

Most yachts have more than one wiper mounted. When these are switched on simultaneously the wipers will move unanimous. The  Modular Wiper Control eliminates this behavior. The wipers will move  synchronous   during all speeds  and intervals! In high speed mode the wipers have a “softstart”. This decreases the peak in power consumption at startup and increases the lifespan of the motor.

Powermodule frontThe modular system consists of two basic components. The system can contain a maximum of three power modules and two panels and a minimum of one power module and one panel. Each power module can control up to three wiper motors and one washer pump or valve. There are two basic group configurations: 1. each power module has three wiper groups, 2. each power module is one wiper group. This last option will reduce wiring by placing the power module nearest to the wiper motors.

The power module contains quite and more reliable solid-state switching techniques. There is no 'clicking' sound of relays. This way synchronous wiper movement is achieved. Each wiper-motor output and washer output is protected by an internal fuse.

Technical specifications

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