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Shore power supply is usually limited by a 4 to 10A circuit breaker. After a day of sailing the ships batteries may be heavily discharged. If the battery charger is switched on while a heavy on-board appliance is being used the circuit breaker may be activated. The Smart fuse avoids this by disconnecting the power supply when a preset threshold is reached.


The Smart fuse is operated using three buttons. The power source can be selected by pressing the left button (i.e. inverter or shore power).

The button in the middle sets the current limit. Each time the button is pushed the set point increases by two amperes with a maximum value of 16 amperes. The button on the right resets the Smart fuse when an overload condition has occurred.

An acoustic signal will be generated when an overload occurs. The switch off delay is determined by the height of the overload current.

Installation is simple and can be done in a short time. Connections are made by universal ‘fast-on’ connectors.

Technical specifications: